Friday, July 3, 2009

Remembering What the 4th is Really About

First off I need to say:

May God Bless America and All our Troops serving to Let Our Freedom Ring here in the USA, because Freedom is not Free!

Now, I was going to post about this other favorite blog another day, but after reading today's entry I really just had to share it today. I absolutely LOVE, Bakerella! (Thank you Beck for sharing this site with me.) She is one creative baking mama! She has such fun, fabullous, and creative baking ideas. You must really go see for yourself!

You must go and read July 3rd's entry on her site. You might even need a tissue!

I have tried my hand at several of her baked goods and have had a blast making them. I am especially fond of the cake pops and thought I did a pretty good rendition of her valentine's box of chocolates cake. The cake I made is posted below. Go check out hers (February posting) and let me know how I did.

Enjoy the site!


  1. If you like this site try, she has a little bit of everything.

    Love your cake, you are very creative. Are you coming in for our reunion? Would love to see you!


  2. I first hand seen and had a taste of the heart cake creation. Lovely cake! You do awesome work!!